Darryl Willison Works

Darryl Willison
Greetings & welcome to his world of the wild & colorful west! What you are enjoying seeing before you are wonderfully vivid images of the by-gone era of the Hollywood cowboy heroes, created by Darryl’s imagination in chalk pastel & color pencil. Yes, the by-gone days of Gene, Roy, Hoppy & Patsy Montana. Darryl is currently the only artist in the United States creating such art based on the history of western film, music & lore. 
Willison prides himself  in being completely imaginative, working on what moves him.
One of the great things about his work is that it speaks to people one way or another. What a feeling to see people look at his work & break into a smile & share a story of their own family history! Priceless. Darryl is a self-taught pastel artist & feels that his “next piece” will be his best. His colored pencil pieces provide him the opportunity to create more detailed creations, as opposed to his more spontaneous pastel work. He has found over the years that his work has appealed to quite a diverse crowd, some of whom are the “Cowboy kind” & others who simply appreciate the value of a good laugh & a “BIG” imagination! Darryl’s work hangs in log cabins & pent houses, proving its ability to please all kinds of tastes. 
Darryl’s inspiration along with the history of the Hollywood west, is art & art history. He loves the Master’s works, Monet, Picasso, etc. Darryl also leans towards the explosive pop art of the 60s & early 70s. He is also inspired by his daughters, who are teaching him the value of life as a child & all the wonder it holds along with the occasional “serious” issues, like “Daddy, your clothes don’t match!” Happy Trails!