About Us


Since 1981 Weems has been synonymous with high-quality original artwork in a greater variety of styles and prices than any other gallery you’ve visited.  At Weems there’s an equal dedication to excellence as well as affordability.

Weems has been voted “Best of the City” for Albuquerque Art Galleries since 1994.  The cross section of styles and types of art available reflect the gallery’s philosophy that variety is indeed paramount.  Pricing also varies to accommodate a wide range of buyers. We want to make sure everyone can afford at least 1 piece of art in our gallery.


Mary Ann Weems started the gallery and successfully grew it for 38 years and became an icon in Albuquerque while supporting over 150 + artists. Ninety percent are from New Mexico.

In 2019, Mary Ann Weems retired and turned over the gallery to Sheila McVeigh. Sheila is a self-taught artist who is on a journey to learn all art forms and mediums. Being a gallery owner is her greatest joy and inspiration. Mary Ann is back to doing what she loves in her retirement; painting.


Frame Shop

Weems offers a full-service, custom frame shop with a large selection of styles and colors, emphasizing variety and quality.  The frame shop is managed by Chris Salazar, who is extremely creative with custom framing and showcasing both high quality art as well as creating artistic shadowboxes for veteran’s military careers, tapestries and other textiles. Jennifer LeBron is his right hand and is also very knowledgeable and experienced in framing. Jen is also a wonderful artist and brings great creativity to the team. Allison Bingham is our newest team member. Allison has many years of experience in Conservation working for a Museum quality master conservationist.   In addition, restoration and conservation framing are provided by Ari Von Huene. Ari is a highly accomplished artist and restorer who has even restored a Picasso statue. Ari is a well trusted restoration specialist who often works on large projects for insurance claims. We have 83 years’ experience in our 4-person frame staff.


Additional Services offered:  

· No Interest Layaway

· Decorating/Hanging Services

· Appraisals (On our Artists)

· Frame and Painting Restoration

· Phone Shopping

· Ceramic Urns

· Gift Certificates

· Art rental for movies


Weems selects its artists carefully.  Superior technical skill and craftsmanship are sought foremost in every work.  Even the most discerning buyers will find Weems provides a plethora of fine quality original work to suit every artistic taste. Weems will help you choose just the right art for any purpose: personal investment, home interior decorating or corporate environment.  Versatility is a Weems trademark in offering something for everyone.

The staff at Weems are also specialists at designing business interiors.  Weems will give your office a whole new professional look that tells your clients as well as employees that their environment is important, and you care.  What’s more, your business will benefit directly from it.  Research studies across the country show that in the proper setting, people work harder, more efficiently and display a more positive attitude, which increases their overall effectiveness.  The result is quite desirable – greater productivity.  Thus, art can work for you and improve your company’s visibility, level of professionalism and potential for greater success.  


Meet the rest of our team!

Another unique advantage of Weems Gallery and Framing is its tenured, knowledgeable and friendly staff of 17.  We take great pride that most of our employees have been here 10 years or more. Weems staff has a combined total of 212 years of experience between them.

Dennie Conrad – Gallery Administrator

Maria Elena Lopez – Marketing Manager

Tenured sales staff include:


Suzanne Woodworth – Sales Manager

Jeanine Bisetti

Marian Ciepiela

Myra Gadson

Carol Straw

Debra Halsey


Great customer service isn’t just what we say, it’s what we provide each customer.  The Weems staff caters to you – your tastes, interests and pocketbook.  The people at Weems are excited about art and want you to be able to share in the joy and multiple benefits of owning some of the best art available. Through Weems Gallery and Framing you can afford the ultimate; to invest in the future, your future – through art.  Enhance your life and that of the others around you as well as your business with something from the superb collection of the fine arts and crafts from Weems Gallery and Framing.

Shop at Weems knowing you are supporting so many local small businesses (artists), but you are also helping us grow the next generation of local artists while supporting our community.150 +