Karen Shatar Works

Karen Shatar

As a long time resident of New Mexico, Karen has come to love its shapes, textures, colors and ever-changing patterns in nature, the skies, the mountains and the streams and rivers.  As a nurse midwife for 35 years, attending over 3600 births, her hands have learned to feel, to intuit and act as a guide in the most blessed event of birthing.  Transferring this learning and awareness into creative expression in glass is a very similar process that is guiding her into new aspects of herself that are just as exciting.  I am fully and joyfully committed to finding this passion and joy of expression in fused glass as I learn new techniques and delve into the mystery of making.  So many choices, so little time to explore all that calls to my heart, but nevertheless, I am so open to the newness of life that presents itself every day.

Karen says “  I have learned to enjoy the nuances of place, people, relationship and interaction with self and other.  As a glass artist, I am learning to enjoy the same energies that exist within myself and bring them into playful expression.  This is a magical journey into the unknown territory that I find thrilling.”