Dee Sanchez Works

Dee Sanchez

“How can I explain nature in all its glory?  I can’t.  So I paint it.  Growing up in the country with unbounded freedom to explore gave me a magnificent reverence for life & all things natural & beautiful.  As a child, I spent hours down at the creek next to my house, exploring & thinking.

I played among peach trees & arbors of climbing roses, helping my grandfather plant beans & cabbages & picking fresh pomegranates straight off of the tree.  I walked home from school through fields of blanketflowers & wild grasses.  Nature was always a beautiful mystery to me.  As an adult, I have continued my love of nature by taking what’s real, mixing it with my imagination & tweaking it with color.  I paint vivid & softly brilliant scenes of our beautiful skies, people, villages & flowers.

Especially flowers!  I picture my grandmother & I bent over the earth in her garden & I transfer our love of the land to the paintings I create of the scenery & people of the Southwest.”

“My paintings are oil on canvas or hardboard and are born of my passion for color and love of nature and my state. My subjects are grand vistas and skies, wildlfower meadows and florals, sunsets, and the villages and people where I live. I love to paint in my studio but my real passion is taking wonderful day trips and painting out of the back of my car.”

Dee Sanchez has been an artist ever since she could hold a pencil.  She drew her grandmother a recognizable chicken at the ripe old age of two.  Dee is primarily self-taught but has studied with artists Tina Blondell & Alexandria Levin.