Alan Tillery Works

Alan Tillery
I am a native of Albuquerque, NM, and active in the local arts and crafts movement since the 70’s.  My work has been featured in galleries throughout the U.S., including San Francisco, New York City, Key West and Santa Fe.  I have participated in craft shows throughout the Southwest.  I’ve worked in numerous genres, including cabinetry, wood carvings and 3-dimensional wood sculptures. 
My current line is mixed media paintings and wall hangings.  The paintings are done with epoxy resins, layered and colored with mixed pigments.  I enjoy the uncontrolled aspect of the process which results in no two pieces being alike.  The wall hangings are individually cast in urethane with ceramic filler.  They are hand painted using air brush and dry brush techniques.  The subtle layering of color and textures reflects my Southwestern roots and my appreciation of New Mexico’s diverse culture.  The pieces are UV protected and safe for outdoor décor.