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When they do by BC Nowlin (Wright Publishing) 



Image Size: 38″ x 33″

No Frame Canvas Wrap

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BC Nowlin

What is a Giclée?

Giclée, from the French word for spray, is a process or method for making art prints with a special type of computer printer, or a print made using this method. (1)

When Digital Fine Art printing began on Iris printers in the early 1990’s, the inks available were significantly inferior to those available today. The high-tech revolution has yielded pigmented ink sets for new generation, seven color Micro-Piezo style printers that have been independently tested to last over 100 years in accelerated fade testing.

Coating Giclées on canvas lends 99% UV protection that increases print life, water resistance, and abrasion resistance. B.C. Nowlin Giclées on canvas are printed on Parrot Ultra matte canvas with Epson Ultrachrome pigmented inks, and coated with Parrot Clear Shield clear coating.

(1) http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giclee

Hand Embellished Giclées

B.C. Nowlin feels each Giclée has a life, a mood, a destiny all it’s own, and hand-embellishes each artwork with oil or acrylic paints. Each B.C. Nowlin Giclée on canvas reflects this subtle “nuancing”, and has it’s own original direction and completion through his personal involvement. As subtle but exciting differences emerge between images from the same titled suites, each B.C. Nowlin Giclée on canvas takes on it’s own life, and becomes a unique work of art.