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Guilloume is a master of “Bolismo” an emotional style using simple forms, textures and movements to exhibit human feelings from the most complex to the most simplest. Guilloume’s artwork is a unique expression of earthly humanism with its joys, afflictions, and fears. he dedicated himself to art at an early age. Employing oils, ink and sculptures in bronzes and steel. Guilloume maintains his studio fine art gallery in Sandia Park near Santa Fe, New Mexico-USA. 

The World at your Fingertips Edition of 8 132″H x 48″W x 36″D Edition of 5 $72,000

In the words of poet, Maya Angelou, ” Segregation shaped me; education liberated me.” Education opens our eyes and ears. It informs us that the singularly most important freedom is the freedom of the mind. Without that, there is no creative expression, no justice and no choice. Education is the key that unlocks the chains of oppression and brings the world to our fingertips.

Being Supernatural 48”h x 36”w Oil on Canvas

Dreams 24″H x 48″W x 2″D Edition of 20 $45,000

My mother, Aurelita, gave birth to 20 children, and although 13 of us survived to lead full and rich lives, we scattered like the wind and took up residence in various geographic locations. Like most mothers, she dreamed of the day when she might see all of her children in one place at one time. I created Dreams in honor of my mother’s memory. It depicts her 13 living children and was created in an edition of 20 as an homage to all her sons and daughters —those present and those departed. Dreams do come true.

Harmony 72”H x 42”W