Carolyn Henderson Works

Carolyn Henderson

I have been creating colorful, fun-to-wear jewelry since 1986 when I established Artistic Beadwear.  Participating in art shows made me realize how much people enjoy buying jewelry that is unique and individual – things that aren't in every department store.  I enrolled at the Mesa Art Center in 1999 to learn the art of lampworking so that I could create distinctive, one-of-a-kind jewelry.  This skill has enabled me to create detailed beads with the colors and textures that I envision for individual pieces, as well as for matching sets of lampwork earrings, necklaces and bracelets.


My love of the art of lampworking glass has led me to explore the many wonderful possibilities of working with molten glass.  I use a propane/oxygen torch to heat glass rods to a molten state, and then wind the glass on steel mandrels into a variety of shapes.  Surface decorations are applied with thin stringers of glass, enamel powders, and silver or gold foils.  Each bead is annealed in a digitally controlled kiln to remove internal stresses in the glass, resulting in a durable and beautiful bead.  The  designs  are finished with anodized aluminum, sterling silver or gold wire wrap, Swarovski crystals or other accents.


The combinations of color and texture in glass lampworking are infinite.  Learning this skill has allowed me to evolve as an artist and has inspired me to create unique jewelry combinations and new pieces.  I thoroughly enjoy participating in art shows, and believe that interaction with customers is the best part.  I have the joy of seeing my customers' positive reactions to my creations and the smiles that they bring.  That is reward in itself!