Robert Estep Works

Robert Estep

Robert moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico, in 1983. Self taught as an artist, he uses pointillist brushwork to create a unique and recognizable realistic-impressionist style. Landscapes of the Southwest are his favorite subject. He also paints cityscapes, landscapes from his native state of Florida, and other topics. A distinctive feature of Robert’s work is his methodical use of color and light to create tonal balance and a sense of space.  

 “My painting style evolved from silk screen printing, which I experimented with in the 1980’s so I could give copies of my paintings to friends. Silk screen forces you to plan your use of colors very carefully. You have to premix the paint in batches and keep the number of colors to a minimum. My old methods of shading - mainly glazing and dry brush - didn’t work with silk screen, so I used graduated blends to go from light to dark. I found that dabbing the colors on in a random way gave the prints an impressionistic look and made the color gradations more natural. At some point the acrylic master paintings I used as a guide for applying drawing fluid to the silk screens were looking better than the prints, so I moved back to acrylic painting on canvas and panel and kept the color mixing and pointillism. Usually, I do most of a painting in the pointillist style, and then finish it up with dry brush and other standard palette methods.”

Awards in Albuquerque Shows
Masterworks 2014 - People’s Choice Award 
Masterworks 2014 - Wilson Hurley Award 
Encantada! 2009 - Sponsor Award
Masterworks 2009 - Honorable Mention
Encantada! 2008 - Sponsor Award
Encantada! 2006 - Bardean Award
Masterworks 2006 - 4th Place

BA., BS. University of South Florida (1978)
Ph.D. Florida State University (1986)