Linda Cecil Works

Linda Cecil


Most every time Linda Cecil steps outside, she detacts the letters of the alphabet hiding in her surroundings.  The shape of a “Y” might be discovered in a forked tree limb, an “S” in the graceful curve of a flamingo’s neck at the zoo.  Stone arches at Niagara Falls form the perfect “M”.

“It’s kind of addictive once you start looking,” says Cecil.  “I’ve had friends call me on my cell phone telling me to look to the left up in the clouds for a letter.  Letters are everywhere.”

Leave it to an imaginative woman with a camera and her teenage daughter with a flair for the computer to turn a homework assignment into a new business.

The inspiration for Imagiframes came from a school assignment in which Brenna, Linda’s daughter, was to document alphabetic look-alikes in nature.  Brenna came up with the notion to use Photoshop to create a framed and matted artwork using photos from her family name.  Everyone loves things done with their own name, so this idea was sure to be a hit.

Linda’s job is the photography and assembly of these designs.  The daughter does the tech part including filling online orders.  Social networks have proven to be a great marketing tool for them.  They did a few for friends, word got around & from then on their business was born.