Weems Gallery and Framing


Hello all you art fans!  Thank you for supporting our gallery by shopping with us.  I wanted to share a bit about how art helps you improve your memory.    

1. Art Inspires Your Visual Imagination

When you’re using memory techniques, you draw upon visual imagination. Even if you’re only using words in your mind when developing mnemonics, you’re using visual words.  The more visual iconography you’ve seen in your life, the more potency the visual words you use will hold. Exposure equals experience. Experience leads to substance. When you use the words “run,” “hit” or any other verb, the more art you’ve seen, the great depth of meaning these words will have.

Daily I am inspired by the 200 artist that have pieces in my gallery.  Everywhere I look is something different.  It is kind of like a museum with ever changing exhibits BUT, you can purchase what you see.  I started learning all the different art mediums/forms a few years ago.  It was a perfect way to prepare me for buying an art gallery.  I call this gallery my happy place.  I get to come each day and intake beauty that surrounds me.  When I see one of our master artist paintings, I am blown away with the intricate details and talent they have to be able to create what they do.  When I see some of our glass, sculptures and pottery, I know how much time, effort and strength it takes to create each piece.  Come by and see for your self why we have been voted “Best of the City” for 19 years in a row.